Sunday, July 10, 2005

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This thing has gotten big enough that searching through to find something in particular is a chore. So, herewith and henceforth, The Index (sort of alphabetically for now . . .):


Ingredient: Chorizos

Ingredient: Louisiana Hot Sauce

Ingredient: Miso

Recipe/Ingredient: Poached Shrimp(s)


Recipe: 11 secret herbs and spices

Recipe: Barbecued Potatoes

Recipe: Beef Stew

Recipe: Bolices

Recipe: Butternut Squash

Recipe: Cajun Asian Chicken stir-fry

Recipe/Technique: Carmelized Onions

Recipe: Cathy's World Famous Garlic Bread

Recipe: Chicken Cacciatore

Recipe: Chicken Gismondo a la TJ

Recipe: Chicken Jambalaya

Recipe: Chicken with Mustard Sauce

Recipe: Chicken wrapped Chorizos

Recipe/Technique: Classic Brown Stock

Recipe: Corn O'Catherine

Recipe: Cream of Asparagus Soup with ham and potatoes

Recipe: Cream of Potato Soup

Recipe: Cream of Broccoli Soup Etc.

Recipe: Georges's Greek Green Beans

Recipe: Green Beans and Tomatoes

Recipe: Half Sour Pickles

Recipe: Maryland Fried Chicken

Recipe: Simple Meatloaf

Recipe: Mediterranean Style Seafood Soup

Recipe: Mostaccioli

Recipe: Orange Beef and Rice with Sausteamed Vegetable Medley

Recipe: Oven baked simple subs

Recipe: Paprika fried potatoes

Recipe: Split Pea Soup

Recipe/Technique: Perfect No-Lump Gravy

Recipe: Perfect Rice . . .

Recipe: Perfect Roast Beef

Recipe: Pork with Onions & Apples

Recipe: Simple Roast Chicken

Recipe: Roast Chicken Leftovers

Recipe: Rubbed pork with parsley potatoes & Brussels Sprouts

Recipe: Sautéed Filet of Sole

Recipe/Technique: New England Seafood Chowder

Recipe: Smashed Rutabagas (Turnips)

Recipe: That Shrimpy thing you do . . .

Recipe: The Maine Lobster Dinner

Recipe: The (venerable) Western Omelet

Recipe: Tommy J’s definitely not Hungarian Chicken Goulash

Recipe: Grilled Tuna & Pasta

Recipe/Technique: Veggie Fried Rice


Technique: Chicken on the Grill

Technique: Chopping Onions

Technique: Coring Iceberg Lettuce

Technique: Dismantling the Maine Lobster

Technique: Hard Cooked Eggs

Technique: Perfect Stovetop Popcorn

Tip/Technique: Vegetable Stock


Tip: Tip: The Antibacterial Soap Diatribe

Tip: Cheese Graters

Tip: Choke That Blade

Tip: De String Da Celery

Tip: Frozen foods

Tip: Get the air out – of your ziplock baggies, that is . . .

Tip: Hone That Blade

Tip: Paper Towel the Produce

Tip: Pay Attention

Tip: Save the salt until the water is hot!

Tip: Surviving the Season of (winter) Tomato Horribilus...

Tip: Upend your peeler

Tip: Use Wood Cutting Boards!

Just messages:

A Short break . . .

And on some days . . .

And the outcome was . . .

Apologies . . .

Catching up . . .

Cookin' again!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

It's The Holiday Hiatus

Not gone . . .

The first post . . .

The Missing Photos

The Missing Photos Return . . .

the pace of change . . .

the vagaries of online life . . .

Whaddaya mean 6 weeks . . .!?!?!

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