Saturday, August 28, 2004

Ingredient: Louisiana Hot Sauce

Go out and buy some of this. No, I won't get a cut (unless it shows up in the sidebar), but it is, in my estimation, an important seasoning in any well stocked kitchen.

There are certainly 1000s of hot sauces out there, and tastes vary widely. I've experimented with at least dozens of different brands and styles. Now, I keep 3 in my house. Tabasco, SriRacha, and this one.

Louisiana Hot Sauce

This particular brand is not for raising a sweat or establishing bragging rights; it's for flavor. You can pour quarts of this stuff into, under, over, and on almost anything, and the result will be at least delicious, perhaps, sublime.

If you come back and keep reading this blog, you'll find it mentioned in a number of dishes.

Tonight, for example, summer returned to New England with a vengeance. Dinner needed to be quick and simple and cooked outside. What to do? Douse a couple of bony breasts of chicken with Louisiana Hot Sauce, let 'em sit in the fridge for an hour or two, and onto the grill. A quick salad, maybe some sliced Italian bread, and voila, a feast!

Hot Sauce grilled chicken

Try it . . .


  1. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Oddly enough, I have a bottle of louisiana hot sauce right here. It's astonishingly good. I'm putting it on croissanwiches from Burger King.

    Love your blog! And by the way, visit mine at Oh, bugger it.

  2. Another good choice is Cajun Chef Louisiana hot sauce. I actually prefer it to Louisiana Hot Sauce though both strike a good balance between chile, heat and vinegar.
    Your blog is the top hit when searching for a recipe for half sour pickles. I can't wait to try them.