Monday, August 09, 2004

Tip: Pay Attention

Hi again. The yams survived, but I hate that mess of boiled over froth on the stove. So maybe I'll start with the obvious:

Pay attention while you're cooking. Every time I've sliced off a body part, impaled myself with a sharp instrument, raised blisters on exposed skin (or unexposed, for that matter!), or otherwise damaged myself in the kitchen, it's been because I wasn't paying attention. At least at that one instant. It may have been a hummingbird at the feeder outside the kitchen window, or suddenly realizing that I never paid that bill, or thinking three steps ahead (especially if I have no idea what I'm cooking!), or just glancing over toward the skillet while pouring the hot stuff through the strainer. Whatever the distraction, for an instant the tired old mind wanders, and KaWhammo, we've got some other damage to body or soul or kitchen, or worse yet, dinner!

So hey. Remind yourself from time to time: Pay Attention.

It's one of those little habits, like always deciding where you're going to put that hot thing down BEFORE you pick it up. Or making sure that the bottom of the sink is clean and soap-free before tossing the food in. Or putting the oven rack in the right slot before you preheat. Or . . .

You know the kind, the ones you keep telling yourself you should get in the habit of, over and over and over . . .

Anyway, enough preaching for one day. How about some food?

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