Saturday, August 27, 2005

Tip: De String Da Celery

Sometimes these tips seem so simple that I hesitate to put them up at all. And then I hear from somebody who may have been cooking for years, but just never thought of it. So, what the hey, here’s another . . .

To remove the strings from celery ribs, just give ‘em a gentle swipe with your vegetable peeler. I usually start in the middle of the rib and go to the bottom; then turn the rib around and complete the task toward the top. Whatever way you decide to do it, there'll be no more pulling long strands of green stuff from between your teeth at the table!

Unstrung Rib

If you’re going to slice your celery ribs into little rounds, say less than ½” long, don’t bother with this. The strings, like the grain in properly carved tougher cuts of beef, will be so short you’ll never notice them. And, certainly, as you get farther in toward the heart(s) of your celery bunch, peeling becomes unnecessary. But for those dark, outer ribs, a stroke or three from the peeler can do wonders.


  1. I'm definitely the naive gourmet and love your helpful tips. I will be tuning in more often!

  2. My Nana showed me how to de string cellery when i was a little kid but this way looks much easier......she had me slice across it and then pull back and down to pull the strings out.....thanks for the great tip!!

  3. caitie2:52 AM

    Thankyou very much!

  4. I have a nifty machine that does it in seconds. I got it from my mother. It's a saladmaster machine. Dices up the heart of the celery and removes the strings in 5 seconds. pretty cool

  5. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Wow! thank you so much fo the tip...most people think it is silly to re-visit the basics but I think it is wise from time to time to re-establish basic keeps me more focused!

  6. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Hadn't thought of it even though I have cooked for 54 years and complained about the strings for as long. Thanks