Saturday, June 25, 2005

Tip: Upend your peeler

I always put carrots in a salad. Sometimes half-moon slices, sometimes chunks, sometimes julienned . . . But I noticed after a while that Cathy was leaving them behind. So I tried curls.

Well, all the curls got eaten, but slicing them off the carrot with a vegetable peeler resulted in carrot curl d├ęcor for the entire kitchen! One day, in frustration, I just dropped the peeler on the counter to reach for a glass of wine. The peeler landed upside down, half-on and half off the cutting board, and when I looked back down, well, duhhhh . . .

Carrot curling

So, if you don’t have a mandolin or a magical mechanical carrot curler, just prop the old veggie peeler upside down on the edge of your cutting board and stroke away! (Just remember to stop before you curl your fingerprints off! Really makes a mess, that . . .)

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